“Vivid and gloomy (…) a beautiful album that deserves our time and self-immersion in the cosmos of melancholy that is November Boys” (Bayern 2)
“Great songs” (MDR Kultur)
“Exciting, enigmatic worlds arise in the songs, in very unique arrangements. Everything about this album is special” (Dresdner Morgenpost)
“Such unique melancholy and emotion that we rarely experience … pure goosebumps!” (Orkus / Album of the week)
“Still independent, still special (…) sentences for eternity (…) a great success” (Blueprint Fanzine / Rating 9/10)
“If you had to rewrite their album with only one word – “magic” wouldn’t be a bad choice” (Akustik Gitarre)
“Bittersweet symphonies (…) tender and poetic” (Die Welt)
“Germany’s most exciting and talented pop duo (…) yet another great folk-pop and dark-pop album” (.RCN Magazin / Rating 9/9)
“Dreamy, euphoric, sweet, furious: ‘My November My’ throws everything in a heap, pecking out one state of mind one after the other – and always hits just the right spot” (Plattentests / Rating 7/10)
Autumn-heavy rock opera (…) a large, elaborately arranged instrumentarium” (Intro)
“Delicate, dreamy, poetic (…) practically an audiobook” (OK! Magazin)
“Charms with beautiful fragile, melancholic ballads. Sugar!” (Maxi)
“Celestial indie-pop pearls” (Neue Presse Hannover)
“If you like the Irish music poet Damien Rice, you cannot pass up Nick & June (…) the listener has no choice but to become emotionally involved” (Neue Westfälische)
“Lonely-fragile yet epic-complex at the same time (…) Weltschmerz has seldom been more beautiful!” (Hifi-Stars)
“Wonderful album” (Luserlounge)
“Beautiful acoustic indie songs (…) transport you to a melancholic dream world” (bayreuth4U / Rating 4/5)
“Of a beauty and grace that is rarely found in the local music landscape (…) A beautiful second release” (Echte Leute)
“The parallels range from Conor Oberst, to The National to Azure Ray (…) simply beautiful” (Waste Of Mind)
“The almost perfect mix of pop, indie, melancholy, excitement, high altitude and a deep fall (…) this filigree work of art just makes you happy” (Alternativemusik)
“Stylistically, Nick & June are heading in the direction of Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard or even Angus & Julia Stone (…) Nick & June are among the best we’ve ever heard from this genre!” (Nürnberger Nachrichten)