Euphoric melodies, dark melancholy and dreamy folk music: Brought to life in 2012 by mastermind Nick Wolf, the line-up grew as his visions did. Once started as an acoustic-only folk music solo project, the line-up evolved into a duo and now is a full-flegded, imaginativ, independent four piece band.

Thanks in part to the support of german federal and regional sponsorship programs (‘Initiative Musik’ and ‘BY-on’), it didn’t take long for success to take root: Nick & June’s sold-out EP, followed by the debut album ‘Flavor & Sin’, delighted music critics and drew comparisons to Angus & Julia Stone and The Swell Season. However, their popularity wasn’t limited to positive reviews – airplay, a song on a motion picture soundtrack and 300 live shows across Europe underscore their overall popularity.

In 2017, the band took the next step. After being signed by the renowned indie label AdP-Records, they released their second album in spring 2017, produced by Udo Rinklin (Philipp Poisel, etc.). The new album, entitled ‘My November My’, is a concept album telling the story of ‘November Boy’, a figure greatly disappointed by the world and humanity, bitter and self-righteous, yet not without the ability for self-reflection and -critique, which he does through 12 chapters, to then bid farewell. Intertextual references to Conor Oberst, The National or Belle & Sebastian will blend with epic song structures incorporating a sophisticated sound with deep beats and rhythms. This lonesome-beautiful acoustic dream and fragile melancholy is brought to fruition by the extraordinary vocals of Nick & June. There is no denying the band`s development; their uniquely delicate voices are at the heart of their newest endeavor.

On stage, the four multi instrumentalists share guitars, mandolin, ukulele, bass, drums, glockenspiel, piano, organ, melodica, horn and even accordion. Come the end of 2017, Nick & June will have played close to 100 shows and where ever the paths will lead them in the future, there is one thing that remains certain; – home is where the heart hurts!