“If their album had to be described in one word – “magical” would be a pretty good choice.” (Akustik Gitarre)
“Bittersweet symphonies (…) tender and poetic.” (Die Welt)
“(…) the beautifully fragile, melancholic ballads are enchanting. Sweet!“ (Maxi)
“Dreamy, solemnly beautiful Indie pop.” (plattenladenTipps)
“The nearly perfect mix of pop, Indie, melancholy, delight, steep highs and deep plunges (…) this filigreed work of art simply brings joy.” (
“With “Flavor & Sin”, Nick Wolf demonstrates what an outstanding songwriter he is by creating 11 pearls of this genre, making any comparisons superfluous.” (
“Earning praise from Germany and international audiences alike (…) Nick and June can’t help but charm their audience with each song.” (found music uncovered)
“Pop-folk pearls.” (egoFM)
“An unequivocally unique folk-pop album.” (
“Nick & June’s style is reminiscent of Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard or even Angus & Julia Stone. (…) Nick & June (…) belong to the best of what we’ve recently heard from this genre.” (Nürnberger Nachrichten)
“Because that is what Nick & June do best: Enchant.” (
“The musical illusion is perfect (…) an utmost promise.” (
“The quality with which music is played here is impressive.” (
“Melancholic acoustic-pop in low-fi, either as a duo or as a full band (…) It is moving, touching and sometimes even reduces you to tears.” (Acoustic Guitar)
“Extremely emotional. Simply wonderful!” (Wildwechsel)
“The best I have heard from Germany in recent months, it gets the highest possible score.” (Regensburger Stadtzeitung)
“A fantastic debut album between neo-folk and ballad pop, all with a very high recognition value and considerable hit potential.” (Doppelpunkt)
“Far from using any superficial effects, Nick Wolf and June Kalass enchant us with their new CD “Flavor & Sin”. Gentle sounds, reflectiveness and finely woven folk/pop arrangements that whisk us away into this exceptional duo’s dreamlike and melancholically playful world.” (inMusic)