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Neue Live-Session

In einer alten Apotheke in München, schlendert „Manic Pixie Dream Girl“ durch das Sonnenlicht. Eingefangen von Bernhard Schinn und jetzt zu sehen:

Neues Musikvideo „Anything But Time“

Das offizielle Video für „Anything But Time“ von der kommenden EP „Beach Baby, Baby“ von Nick & June ist da!

Written by Nick & June
Recorded, mixed and produced by Nicolas Sierig and Nick & June
Mastered by Sam Irl

Stream/download: https://adprec.lnk.to/anything

Video directed by Jeanette Friedrich
Concept by Nick & June
Director of photography: Jeanette Friedrich
Camera & light assistent: Joel Wolf
Cut & Color: Jeanette Friedrich
Setdesign: Lillian Ceben
Hair & Makeup: Cory Unders
Production assistent: Tim Boetler
Cast: Maja Bons
Location: Hotel Funk, Berlin, Germany

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.